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ABOUT Numerology consultancy Services

HTEC Numerology

We are India's top Numerologists. Consultation with well-known numerology experts on various forms of numerology services.
We offer the following consulting services:
  • Date of Birth Analysis
  • Numerology Name Analysis
  • Name Correction
  • Main Planet number
  • Career Guidance
  • Personalized remedies
  • Signature Correction ,etc.
  • Business Name Analysis
Without waiting another moment, please connect with the best numerologist in India to start the journey to know the favorable outcomes of the numbers in your life. Undoubtedly, HTEC numerologists can help you steer your life in the right direction.


Tech Tuition Classes

Saving Time and Effort. Private tuition saves a lot of time for students. The effort given by the students is channelised well to complete learning a syllabus and perform well in the exams.

School Classes

We have available Tuition classes for below standard.

  • Standard I to X
  • Standard XI & XII (Mathematics)


College Classes

We teach Engineering courses.

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Duration - 3 months


Languages Classes

We teach Language courses.

  • Sanskrit Basic
  • Duration - 3 months
  • Sanskrit Advance
  • Duration - 2 months

Stock Market

We are #1 Stock Market trainer in Nagpur.

Learn market trends, chart analysis, trade strategies, equity trading / investment & more.With a mission of developing new generation traders, HTEC offers a complete course for Stock Market, Technical Analysis, Future & Option, Commodity & Currency, Risk & Money Management & Trading Psychology from basic to advance level.


Course Duration : 1 Month

Fundamental Studies

Course Duration : 3 Month

Technical Study

Course Duration : 1 Month


Course Duration : 2 Month


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